Chris Harrison is a writer, producer, and author of the Crooked Tales series. Born in North London, he studied Film at Middlesex University to satisfy his deep-rooted fascination with the art of storytelling. Whilst there, he discovered analysing films all day gave him the perfect opportunity to delve deeper into decades of literary and cinematic horror, a passion since early childhood.

Having previously written for film and education, Chris is now focused on fulfilling a lifelong dream and is busy creating immersive worlds full of spine-tingling terror for a young adult audience. Fusing together classic themes of the supernatural and macabre with more contemporary urban mythology, he is on a mission to re-imagine our deepest and darkest fears for a new generation of horror fans.

Now based on the south coast of England, when he’s not writing Chris can often be found on the basketball court coaching young people or posting spooky artwork on Instagram.